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2015-16 Hall of Fame 2015-16 Financial
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Jan 1, 2018 2017-18 Financial
November 2017 Board Meeting
February 2018 Board Meeting
February 2018 Association Meeting

Association Manager Update

Mike Evjen has been hired as your new association manager effective August 1, 2018. Mike has served as both state and local association president and has been active in Missoula’s bowling community as far back as most anyone can remember. His experience with all aspects of running an association at both local and state levels will assure Missoula continues as a top Montana association.

2017-18 Bowler Congratulations
NOTE: Based on awards as they are turned in from leagues

Women's Top-5 High Series Men's Top-5 High Series Triplicate 300 Game
737 Ashley Smigaj Oct 3, 2017
Tuesday Mixed
822 Jared Knutson Dec 5, 2017
Scott Kane Oct 1, 2017
Thrown Together
717 Karen Day Oct 13, 2017
Friday Nite Live
815 Julian Dullinger
Jack Spooner Oct 10, 2017
Tuesday Mixed
702 Dawn Hanninen
809 Cary Shulund Nov 28, 2017
Nate Mitchell Oct 19, 2017
Men's Fun League
682 Shante Fitzgerald Nov 17, 2017
Friday Nite Live
802 Nathan Pace Mar 15, 2018
Men's Fun League
Dave Khoury Nov 1, 2017
Runaway Seniors
681 Misty Spooner
801 Theron Conger
Jared Knutson Dec 5, 2017
Don Youngquist Dec 22, 2017
Swingin Seniors
Jeremy Jackson Apr 3, 2018
Karen Day Apr 6, 2018
Friday Nite Live
Cary Shulund Apr 8, 2018
Montana State Open
Dave Khoury Apr 9, 2018
Monday Seniors


National dues were approved at national convention to increase $3 to $13. State dues are $2, and a $2 increase in local dues was approved at our association meeting for $10 local dues. Two things that will happen with the extra $2 is $600 added to association week added money for an even $3000, and league shirts for our youth bowlers.


Beginning with this season's state tournament, averages will now be based on your previous five years of state tournament scores, 21 games minimum. New bowlers and bowlers without a 21-game tournament average will use their end-of-season average.

Pay Your Dues Online!!!

You can now pay your $25 membership online at bowl.com. Click here to access the registration page. You will be asked what association you're joining, it will be Missoula USBC #81154. This works VERY good, I registered myself and complete documentation is sent to me with the local $10 deposited directly into the association's account. If you elect to pay your membership online, just put "ONLINE" on your league registration cards as the league where you paid.

The state tournament rotation beginning with 2018 will be:

Year Open Women Youth
2018 Great Falls Helena Billings

Upcoming Tournaments

Westside Lanes
2019 Missoula USBC Association Week
January 21-27, 2019

Next Board Meeting
To Be Announced
Westside Lanes

Next Association Meeting
Sunday, February 24, 2019 4pm
Westside Lanes

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